The Woman's Migraine Toolkit
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Migraines: More Than Just a Headache

Women have been dealing with migraine headaches for thousands of years. In fact, one in six women — 18% of adult women— suffer from migraines. Starting as early as puberty, they can become disabling and affect a woman’s entire life. Migraines  are more than just  “headaches,”they often lead to countless days of missed work and school, reduced productivity, and a limited social life. Luckily, women don’t need to let migraines control their life. They can learn how to control their symptoms and reclaim their life!

The Woman’s Migraine Toolkit
provides the practical information women need to control their migraine headaches.  Readers will learn what causes migraines, how to monitor evaluate headaches, how to effectively communicate with the healthcare team, which treatments work best during different life stages, what non-drug treatments and nutritional supplements are available, and much more. Special features include:

  • A section on effective doctor/patient communication
  • Resource guide with a wide range of reliable sources
  • A chapter on childhood and adolescence migraines
  • A chapter dealing with the specific issues of pregnancy and the postpartum period
  • Specific concerns of headaches and menopause
  • Discussion of preventive therapies
  • Recommended reading list


The Woman’s Migraine Toolkit provides women, whether young or old, the means to a better quality of life.

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